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WomanWhat is Psychotherapy?

The purpose of psychotherapy is to help the individual develop an understanding of themselves, their choices, and how to be more conscious of their life styles.

Although biologically based, in most clinical depressions there are frequently psychological precipitants that trigger the onset of a particular episode. These precipitants are usually losses, either tangible, intangible, perceived or anticipated. Psychotherapy can help in dealing with these losses.

While there are many forms of psychotherapy, some more aggressive, some more intellectual, some more expressive, the common goal is to have the person lead a more rational healthy life and make healthier life choices.

Some people are afraid of the process, some anxious. These fears are explored and become understood once the process of psychotherapy begins. Fees, confidentiality, insurance, schedules, frequency, duration, expectations are all discussed openly.

A person's life choices are based on their beliefs. Our beliefs are formed during our early childhood years, and tend to be quite set in stone afterwards. Sometimes these beliefs are healthy, and we do well, and sometimes they're not. Some children have been abused, others mistreated or ignored. Some people grow up feeling confident, others insecure. Some inherently optimistic, others negative. The process of psychotherapy can help an adult sort through what beliefs they have, which they want to keep, and which to modify. The critical task is to become aware of beliefs that have become such an integral part of our lives that we view them as external reality rather than internally created. Psychotherapy provides this opportunity to examine one's own thinking and feeling consciously, and allow us to actively live the lives we want as opposed to unconsciously reliving the past.

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